Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A change of Plan

Atty. William Sanchez has finally decided, after a thorough deliberation, to end up his candidacy. This is a totally unexpected pronouncement. Below is my message for him.

Kuya William,
Your decision of backing off from your candidacy is all right; because as you said, you and your family have been deliberating on the matter. So it means that you have a good reason for doing it. Anyway, you can again try your luck in the future. What I can say is, "strive to maintain calmness of mind." It is very important.
Whether or not you have a position in the government, you are still a great asset in the community as what you have proven yourself. Keep up that status and people will always be there to support you.

Sincerely yours,
Anselmo Malugao

Friday, November 27, 2009

Fund raising

Time has endeed travelled so fast that I forgot Now. 22 has already gone by. Conveniently, for those who have not yet read Kuya William's recent post, I quoted it here. This is what he wrote:

By William Sanchez, on Nov 22, 2009 
Last night's first fundraiser was AWESOME! Forty guests enjoyed great Filipino cuisine by the world famous Obias sisters, Irene, Melinda, Min, Lala and Yaya.   Everyone actively participated in a discussion of the issues that are most important to South Florida.  Frank Castro is committing significant time to help develop policy issues for the campaign, and we were invited to speak on a couple of radio stations.  We've also been invited to visit a number of nursing homes to spread the campaign message and are planning to roll out a new policy plan for the elderly which includes a proposal to match young people with the elderly, patterned after Big Brother and Big Sister.  This idea came from on of the volunteers that actively participated in last night's discussions.  Another idea which received significant support from those present  was a proposition to strengthen local community banks, which will in turn lead to more funding for small businesses.  Join us and become a part of this true GRASSROOTS campaign! Obama volunteers will be at our law office on Tuesday night, and we are scheduled to speak at Radio Peace on Wed., at 3pm.  Also on schedule is the weekly planning event at campaign headquarters on Wednesday night, and our next fundraiser on December 9, 2009, at Eduardo Soto's home.  More details to folow.

Details of his campaign.
For immigration concerns click here.

Monday, November 9, 2009

William Sanchez's electoral campaign for U.S Congress 2010 is now up and running

Yes! William Sanchez's electoral campaign for U.S. Congress in Florida's district 21 is now up and running. The excerpts below are just few of the many issues where he is most concern about like Immigration, Afghanistan, Middle East, North Korea, Health care, Unemployment, Crime, Monetary Policy, and Taxes.

PRINCIPLES: A more inclusive American government, in which all people of different races, religions and ethnic groups are encouraged to contribute and participate.
The establishment of laws that give greater opportunities to all citizens.  (A strong, free and healthy America, at home and abroad.)
IMMIGRATION: The immigration issue  is intimately tied to national security. It must be comprehensively addressed by strengthening  our borders and allowing for the undocumented to apply for work authorization and gradual increased steps to lawful permanent residency. This would  occur after extensive background checks are performed, thus simultaneously bringing millions of individuals into the “mainstream” , allowing for them to pay taxes and  rooting out those individuals that may cause harm to the country.
To know more, view his campaign site.
For information concerning immigration law, you can visit his office website.

The man with a Dream

It was one of my visits to Virlanie Foundation, an orphanage that I met Atty. William Sanchez. Though he is a lawyer, his camaraderie with ordinary people is exemplary; I was just like having a conversation with a long time co-worker.

I know that his business with the orphanage has to do with humanitarian issues like helping street children. Having lived myself on the streets, government institution (RAC, Reception and Action Center), and non-government organization (Virlanie Foundation Inc., an orphanage), it is easier for me to draw the difference between these sittings. In the public housing institution, the one I had experienced, nobody wants to stay there for a day or two if there’s a choice. Some children who have been caught loitering around the city would even strive to wriggle themselves into tiny spaces just to get away from there if it could be done. You and I surely want a homely place to dwell even for a time – not a jail-like environment that could only add psychological burden to the already depressed individuals. Without a better option – some would prefer to risk their lives and stay on the open space of the streets and parks, where there’s fresh air and nice things to look at – and, most of all, freedom. It is surprising, why some government programs can’t just afford to make life easier for these miserable people – perhaps, the problem has often been overlooked by the authorities. If NGO’s have provided good accommodations and proper care for their clients (based on my experience) – there’s no reason why public institutions can’t do the same. Mainly, the problem doesn’t lie on financial matters – but the quality of care, and treatment of the people under their care.

I am grateful for all the people who involved themselves in an effort to help others, especially those people who doesn’t know what to do with themselves.

Atty. Sanches has founded several projects:

Public Service Background

The formation of numerous non-profit groups: City kids, Inc.; Philippine Charities Foundation; Grameen Village Bank for the Poor -- creation of bank for the poor in the Philippines, serving thousands of micro-business owners; U.S.A. Micro business all over Florida -- thousands of small businesses being helped thru loans and business developement; representing thousands of immigrants, from Cuban and Haitian refugees to millionaire investors.

His honorable advocacy and inclination to help the poor around the world to be self-sufficient through business developement is a blessing to all underprivilage who want to improve their lot in life; and, this, he believe, will not only minimize the sufferings arround the globe, but will bring more understanding and peace among nations.

Equally, his innovative idea of giving rights to immigrants in the United States will surely win approval to the immigrants themselves who, without doubt, want to partcipate in the country'S further developement. Moreover, the fact that the process will increase the nation's treasury, as the the study of Atty. William Sanchez reveals, then the said idea will difinitely find its way into the hearts of the americans, too.

Every now and then, there are people who are born to have a noble vision – Atty. Wiliam J. Sanches is one of them. Let's support him!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

William Sanchez:"Why I'm running for US Congress."

I  used to call Atty. William Sanchez as Kuya William. "Kuya" is a Pilipino term of respect addressed to older male people and is even commonly used within the family circle. For Women, it is "Ate." Thus, I am most comfortable to call him simply as Kuya William. 

When Kuya william formally signed up to run for Congress in Florida's district 21 for the 2010 election, so many people, according to him, were asking about the reason of his decision. In response, he wrote the first draft of his points:

Talking points: Why I'm running for US Congress Oct.17, 2009

Having worked in the White House and Department of Justice 4 few years ago, I noticed how important it is for the country’s leadership to have a closer connection to the people that elected them to office. Too often Wash. is insulated from the rest of country
I’ve spent my life working w/ families and the laws that affect them. . Most people struggle everyday to survive. I’ve listened to their regrets and their hopes. We need leadership in Wash. that pays close attention to it’s constituents. When was last time you spoke to representatives in Wash.. ? downtown, in local government?
I will make myself available
I believe we must be involved in crafting a better future for our children and grand children.
We cannot leave it up to others.
My children are now grown. Irene and I are proud of them and feel blessed w/ the opportunity to have raised them. Our youngest graduates from high school next year.
Family has always been first to us and NOW we feel we have more time for public service.
An example of New ideas that require implementation is the strengthening of our economy by giving rights to immigrants) This will supercharge the recovery. Ie. 15 million x 2,000 = $30 billion, makes sense from an economic standpoint and national security standpoint. Imagine the billions that would be paid into taxes that are now being squandered. Once people come out from the shadows, we can do (background checks) and identify those who are criminals from those that want to make this country greater by their sweat and hard work.
PUBLIC SERVICE BACKGROUND- My past public service includes the formation of numerous non-profit groups, City kids, Inc., Philippine Charities Foundation, Grameen Village bank for the poor-- creation of bank for the poor in Philippines, serving thousands of micro-business owners. . USA Microbusiness– all over Florida, thousands of small businesses being helped thru loans and business development. Representing thousands of immigrants, from Cuban and Haitian refugees to Millionaire investors.
I was recently blessed and honored with an appointment by President George W. Bush to serve as Special Counsel in the Department of Justice. I was humbled by the opportunity to give speeches at the same podium Presidents in have been using for years.
A number of years ago, I was asked to serve as an international law professor at a Jesuit University in the Philippines, and truly enjoyed the opportunity.
It is the right time, NOW, to step forward to help shape our country’s responses to the great demands of our time.
Example of national issues; Security. We must balance national security w/ the need to better understand these that wish to do us harm. The world we live in today is very different from the world to, 30 even 20 or 10 years ago.
We need new solutions to new problems. Terrorism has replaced communism as our country’s chief ideological enemy. Our approach must be focused and have future senators in mind. What kind of world do we want our children to live in?
If we are to continue to lead the world we must do more in the int’l aid arena to assist those that suffer most around the world. Thru increased aid we will win the hearts and minds of people around the world. Programs like GB, which we were fortunate enough to have participated in. help the poor become self-sufficient thru bus. development.
America’s leadership is changing. Our leaders must be as comfortable with Washington as they are with Bogota, Rome, Tel Aviv, Cairo, Johannesburg and Manila.
I believe that the solutions to the world’s problems lie in the hands of those people around the world who have the greatest needs. We must recognize the poorest and give them the tools to rise above poverty. This will bring more understanding and peace among nations.
I’m running because it’s my duty to give back to this great nation that has given us so much. I have been blessed w/ the opportunity to study at some of our best schools, to raise lovely , intelligent children , to travel the world.
What more appropriate thing to do than put my skills to use in service to our constituents and our country?
Together We Can shape a brighter tomorrow for our children and grandchildren. I hope you will join me in this journey.